broken panorama ll

Now-a-days the holiest Yamuna, served as a drain by our contemporary society. so when the word ‘Ya-mu-na’ follows the reality, it meant ‘yes-I-drain’ through different text of language.1(title- broken panorama ll, medium-ink on cotton towel, size-24″X34″, year-2015)


shadow of waters

The growing day to day corporatism covers everything, by following the changing behavior and choices of contemporary society, even the valuable elements of universe like jal(water), jameen(land), jungle(forest) and  jantu(creature) as well. Due to how, these organic elements impact horribly among each other and among the living being.

            (title-Shadow of waters, medium-Site-specific installation, year-2016)

Now it’s come true to quench a tree, you have to use these pay off bottled water at least to get within one of them.

So here the actual shadow of a tree is equal to the water and also the shadow of irrespective as well as irresponsible society in front of the nature.

the broken panorama

In Hindu religious texts, ­­people have the believe that those who take bath in the water of the holiest river (in India), become free from fear of death. Today the quality of that water became poisonous and the whole river treated as a common lavatory for the society.

(title-The broken panorama, medium-stone & found objects, size-13.5″X11.5″, year-2014)

Still people have the activities of throwing mythical images, idols and other garbage as a putrid thing in that unpleasant situation for which the basin now is creating a violence of pollution and also highly offensive for religious conviction.


This fictional short film express the value of our daily socio-environmental and economical situation explore in a metaphoric way that how human activities contaminate ecosystem around the world from pole to pole, from the highest mountains to the ocean deep; for which he has to pay for everything  even for the natural resources. Now a day the meaning of drinking water is equal to pay for water. Therefore, it creates a sensational situation among the whole living being against our dirty environment

(title- Pay-jal, medium-short film, duration-5.16secs, year-2015)

(Follow this link to watch:                                                          At the beginning of 21st century, the human psychology evaluate and divulge the nostalgia form, truth, and violence of pollution, dialogue of diameter and background of a nature. In the total body of film, the crow concentrates the language to create panorama of loneliness and unassisted.Not only is it searching the drinking water but also to search a peaceful and pollution free area to live. However, it finally unable to find out and able to pay for drink water as like the human society.

public toilet II

Here the latrine pan talks about the cleanness in one hand and polluted environment of metro city. So, you have to choose, are you responsible for the cleanness or pollution? Most of the people had choice, to shit in open air in such a rural area all around India but at village SARECHA, I got an opportunity to make a large scale of site-specific work, collaborate with the villagers and the children with supported sowing seeds,kaman art foundation, Rajasthan.

(title-Public toilet II, medium-Site-specific view, year-2016)

Where I use the open landscape by dug some latrine pan, (approx. 3feet long each) decorating with white powder color and lighting with candle for night view. Always light clear the darkness. Through the idea if you are taking the response, then the polluted like darkness will clear.

So I want to connect and spread a sensation of the originality of my dialogue for better sanitation and create a sane society through my collaborative idea. Which create a metaphoric dialogue of polluted place, where we are living now in an unhealthy environment?


Using hundreds of discarded plastic bottles and make some coconut clusters during such a sunny days with supported by Piramal art foundation, which close to the drought area of Maharashtra in thane,Mumbai .

(title-Na-real, medium-plastic bottle,iron wire, paper tape, size-dimension variable, year-2016)

At the core of ‘Na-Real’ is the concern for natural sources of water- their growing depletion and the proliferation of corporate ownership of water resources. The name of the work Na-Real too prompts the fruit a natural thirst quencher, besides harping on the ‘unreal’ artificial nature of bottled water.

public toilet

A metaphoric silent dialogue about the river Yamuna in Delhi, India. Where in my work the latrine is used to drain our stool and waste things of our body and gave peace, simultaneously the work directed to the river as like pan. It is a dialogue of disregardful and disquiet environment.

(title-Public toilet,medium-paper mask,ceramic & video,size-dimension variable,year- 2014)

So, I calculate to the river as a latrine pan and the pipe as like river skew. In the pan, a video is screening to indicate diverse of the two rivers.

(Follow this link to watch the video:       Where in my native river some boys are bathing together playing with cheer and another in the urban river the water became as dirty as like a drain. Some buildings are surrounded the pan which shows overpopulation as a major cause for that situation